The Process

In the Studio

Where Art, History & Science Collide

Math, geology, chemistry and history come into play using old-world master techniques like lost-wax casting.

We create in small batch, allowing us to ensure quality. Designs are never plated or coated, all are crafted to last for generations. Solid cast heirloom quality, handmade master craftsmanship is our mission.

All Silver Loon fine jewelry is handcrafted in White Lake, Michigan.

Designs are sculped by hand in wax, no computers are used to design or create.

Lost-wax casting converts wax designs into precious metal, this process can take up to 2 1/2 days.

Several wax designs are placed in a flask in "tree" formation, then encased in a plaster-like substance called investment.

An Extra Step - Going Green!

Steam is used to eliminate the wax from inside the flask, leaving a void in the shape of the designs. The wax eliminator equipment prevents the release of toxic fumes by using steam versus dry heat to eliminate the wax.

The flask is kiln-fired to 1350 degrees. This phase hardens the investment that surrounds the void left by the wax designs.

A torch is used to heat precious metal in the center of the centerfuge.

Centerfuge equipment has an arm that is wound up tight and secured in place.

When the wound up centrifuge arm is released, it spins at high speed and shoots the hot metal into the void left behind by the eliminated or "Lost Wax" designs.

Raw jewelry castings are cut off the tree formation and cleaned. Stones are set at the bench, and the design is prepared for final finishing and polishing.

Each piece is finished by hand to ensure quality and preserve the fine details in each design.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our work!

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